At Silkscreen Wedding Videos we are passionate about creative and cinematic wedding videos, that capture your memories and deliver them to you in carefully edited way that allows you to enjoy your wedding day again and again.

With several years experience behind us, we have perfected our approach to covering weddings.  We understand the importance of every moment, every emotion.  All of our wedding video packages start from the preparations in the morning and go right through to the party in the evening.  We don't miss a thing!

Our Wedding Videos are delivered in our own signature style.  The Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance are edited as three separate films.  The Ceremony and the First Dance are then turned into mini features, with the Ceremony feature taking you through the events of the morning preparations, into the ceremony and finishing with a montage of the bride and groom.  The First Dance feature includes footage of the guests at the reception, the cake cutting, the first dance itself and finishing with a snapshot of the party in the evening.

Any survey will tell you, not having a wedding video is the single biggest regret of any married couple.  At Silkscreen Wedding Videos we aim to make our video packages as affordable as possible, so you don't walk away with the same regrets.  Your wedding video is one of the few things that you get to keep from your wedding, so it's important to get it done right.

Get in touch with us through our contact page and find out how Silkscreen Wedding Videos can capture your perfect day.